Monday, 2 February 2015

Shea butter lip balm

Hi all!


So let's jump right in! I get dry lips all year long. I try to drink as much water as I can but I'm the type who forgets to drink enough... I really am trying... This means I get dry lips and especially in winter!


I have bought so many different lip balms over the years but recently as I was coming to the end of my last stick I realised "Hang on minute. What is in this? I have no idea!" Since childhood I always called lip balms "cocoa butter" and assumed that they were all made of just cocoa butter but as I have been researching greener ways to live I have learned that what things are called are not necessarily what they are and that advertising and packaging lies, lies and lies... a lot!


So cocoa butter you say? I has a Nivea one at this time, and could not find the ingredients on the lid of the stick and had chucked the packet a long time ago. I went online to research it and found a huge list of ingredients. I like ingredient lists to have only one ingredient if that's all it needs! Don't you? So I decided to make a 1-ingredient lip balm


At the time I was thinking about all this, I only had coconut oil at home which could be a hard enough, oily substance to replace the lip balm. I wanted to fill my empty, lip balm stick with it, but I knew that even if I refrigerated it, it would slowly melt through out the day, in my pocket or hand bag and might leek. So I decided to research cocoa butter (since I always thought that's what it was made of anyway...) and I came across Shea butter at the same time. After reading about both cocoa and shea butter I decided I wanted to invest in Shea butter instead of cocoa.


I bought a 100g tub of Pure, Organic, Unrefined, Shea butter from for £3 of the brand Naissance. It is a very good quality butter and I love it. I read all the bad and good reviews and decided to get it. I am so pleased!


I took the empty Nivea lip balm stick, took the lid off and put both pieces in a bowl with boiling water to get rid of any remaining oily, unnatural, substance that previously resided in that tube.

Then I dried the tube and lid. Then I rolled the tube right down and stuffed some pure Shea butter into it. I filled it to the brim. Then I put the lid back on. SO EASY!

And now I use it just as I always have used lip balms.

You could even put it into a little tub with a lid, like Vaseline does it. But I don't want to be touching my lips with fingers that might be dirty... So I prefer using it in a stick shape.

I also grab a lump of it and rub it on any dry skin as a natural moisturiser, either face, arms and anywhere else. It works so well!

Let me know if you try this!

Peace out

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