Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Blanket into posh jacket / dress

Hello people!

Everyone thought I'd suddenly become posh and spent a lot of money on clothing! NO WAY! I bought a sesame colour, fleece blanket on ebay.co.uk for £8, and added some scrap fabric. Then to accessorize I added a beautiful vintage brooch which finished off the look. I originally made this as an indoor dressing gown but realised it looked too good so I now only wear it out as a warm, 100% fleece jacket.


1) Lay out your 165cm/120cm blanket, flat like seen on photo 1:

2) Fold the blanket in half, length ways (so it looks like a long skinny blanket) as seen on photo 2:



3) At one end of the folded blanket, measure 25cm down and slightly off the middle, towards the fold edge, and cut a 20 cm strip hole, as seen on photo 3:

4) Now 10 cm bellow those holes, sew a belt strip of some scrap fabric you have or any beautiful fabric you like. I chose this fabric because I found that it complemented the colour of the fleece blanket and stayed in the elegant theme. Both photos show the same thing: The fabric, belt strip sewn onto the blanket/jacket.

4 b
4 a

5) Now put your arms through the holes, and wrap this beautiful jacket wrap around you and tie with a brooch. then make the collar look the way you like it, and with a discret sewing pin, pin it in place. Voila! You're ready to go out!


I hope you loved this project as much as I did! Let me know what you think and if you try it out for yourself!

Love xx



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  2. Good tips, it always comes in handy to know how to work with your clothes for more unqie designs. Clothing for woman is very varied in themes. Natural and floral patterns always feel fresh and beautiful.

    1. Hi L, thanks for the comment. Sorry I hadn't checked my blog in months because I've been traveling. Have a lovely day