Monday, 9 February 2015

Muslin nappies tutorial !


Here is the nappy tutorial! Finally. I'm happy I got all the pictures done. Now you'll see my baby is slightly unconventional and a little misshaped hihihi...

Let's get started on this photo tutorial!

70 cm square muslin, flat

fold over each corner into the middle

now fold over one side towards the middle

now fold over the other side, towards the middle and over the 1st one (this forms a 3 plie rectangle)

now, open the top bit slightly; this is the back of the nappy
OK now we have the basic nappy shape and it can go 2 ways from here. Option 1, baby can wear the nappy as it is or option 2, you can make and add an insert for longer absorption (I recommend option 2, and it's no hassle I promise).


For a newborn, fold the back over.

still for a newborn, fold the front bit over too

place baby

flip the front nappy flap over baby's front

Now tie it up. I used safety pins but I recommend nappi nippas

adjust edges for full coverage!


Grab a 2nd piece of muslin 70 cm square

fold the corners into the middle

now fold the new corners into the middle again

Fold the square into a 3 plie rectangle and place it over the basic nappy

for a newborn, fold the back over the 2nd muslin

still for a newborn, fold the front over the 2nd muslin, and now we have our full nappy

place baby

flip the front flap over baby's front

tie edges with safety pins or nappi nippas

adjust all sides to offer full coverage and avoid spills

make sure you can't see any of the 2nd muslin

and there you go!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and learned something here today. This style is the Jo Fold and can be made from any square fabric.

Why not give some suggestions and tips of your own in the comments? I'd love to hear from you.

Love x

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