Monday, 9 February 2015

Wet/Dry bag

Hya guys!

What's a wet/dry bag?

Today's tutorial explains how to make a wet/dry bag. What's that? It's a bag that has a normal dry side (to place clean hankies, clean menstrual pads, clean nappies etc.) and a wet side, made from PUL (this means it's waterproof and you can put your wet/dirty hankies, menstrual pads, nappies etc.)

Why do I need one?

This is very useful for when you're out and about and can't put these things straight into your machine, or hand wash them or even just throw them into the laundry bag... So let's take a look.


1) Get some PUL and some 'normal' dry fabric

2) Decide what size you need this bag to be. Remember it should fit in your main big bag (hand bag, nappy bag etc.) Mine is for menstrual pads and hankies, and needs to fit in my handbag so the dimensions are roughly 25cm/20cm and it's a great size.

3) Cut 4 pieces out of the cotton or 'normal' dry fabric of the correct dimension, then cut 2 pieces of the same size from the PUL. So 4x normal fabric pieces and 2x PUL fabric pieces.

4) Take 2 of the dry fabric bits and make a pouch out of them by sewing 3 edges together. Then make a hem on both sides at the top of this pouch.

5) Make another pouch now, with the 2 remaining dry fabric bits and the 2 PUL bits. Layer the 4 bits of fabric together, inside out (the pile should be this: 1 layer of PUL with waterproof side down, on top of this, lie a sheet of the dry fabric with the outside facing up, then layer the last piece of dry fabric but this time with the outside face down, then finish by layering the last piece of PUL with waterproof side up.) Then sew the 3 edges, and make a hem on both sides at the top of this pouch.

6) At the top of the wet pouch, sew some snaps over the hem.

7) Turn out the 2 pouches, place one on top of the other, with their open sides together, and sew the middle hems together. Leave the bottom of the 2 pouches unattached so that there is always enough space on both sides to put everything you need in there.

8) You now have a wet/dry bag with 2 pouches. All you need to add now is the flap. To make the flap, cut a piece of the dry fabric, slightly over sized like in the next photo.

9) Now take this new piece of fabric and make hems around each edge

10) Pin and sew it to the back of the bag, I chose the back to be the wet part so that all the dirty stuff stays even safer in the bag.

11) Now sew some more snaps for the flap, like so:

And there you go folks! You have yourself a wet/dry bag to carry those dirty, wet usefull things around :)

If you didn't understand some of these steps, I'm not surprised... Leave a comment so I can answer your questions.

Hope you liked this tutorial! <3



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