Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Turn a scarf into a cardigan

Hi everyone!

I decided to show how to make simple clothing as well as reusing what we have at home and how to transform old clothes into new clothes. Scarves are great because they're just a piece of fabric that you can turn into anything you like.

The first tutorial is how to turn a scarf into a cardigan:

1) Step 1, choose a scarf that you like (you will be able to re-use your scarf as the same scarf later)


2) Fold it in half


3) Knot the 2 top right corners to each other


4) Take the top left corner piece and knot it into the the other know (bring the left corner onto the right corner and knot it all together


5) Open it up, you will see 2 holes, they are the 'sleeves', put your arms in those holes and adjust the cardigan around you

There we go, let me know what you think.

Peace x

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