Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Scarf into bag/tote

Hey everyone!

I have such a cool tutorial for you right here, right now!

This is a no-sew, really quick and useful project!

How to turn a scarf into a bag or tote.


1) Choose a beautiful, big, square scarf, and lay it out flat

2 a

2) Fold the middle bits on themselves, all four of them and leave all the corners out, like you see on photos 2 a and 2 b.
2 b

3) Fold the 2 bottom corners to each other, like on photos 3:


4) Now fold the 2 top corners to each other, like on photo 4:

5) Grab the bag by the 2 big knots (the corner knots) and there you have your tote bag! Unbelievably cute and easy!

Stuff all your goodies inside and off you go!
Have a nice day!


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