Green Body Hygiene

On this page you will find posts under each section, relevant to it's title. Here is where - as the title of the page indicates - I will write about what I do to have a more natural and green body hygiene. Keeping myself clean and tidy shouldn't have to mean destroying my planet. You can help by commenting on what you read here and by giving tips for all to learn and share.

Enjoy! (and here's a picture of my "green-potion Lab/shelf")

This is my awesome "Potion Lab"


List of Green-Clean alternatives:


How to go no-poo / shamphree (no shampoo)

1) ShamPHree - my journey towards using no shampoo, "no-poo" (first 6 weeks)

2) Update after 3 months of no shampoo

3) Update after 4 months of no shampoo

4) Update after 5 months of no shampoo

5) Update after 8 months of no shampooo

6) Update after 1 year!! (+ bonus ideal recipes)

7) Update after 3 and a half years ! Shikakai all the way

How to go Water-Only on your hair

1) How to go Water-Only (weening off baking soda)

2) 3 lessons for water-only hair care

3) Why I'm not 100% W-O (shikakai powder info)

Other natural hair info/advice

1) Hair dying Shamphree hair - How to and what to expect

2) Natural dry shampoo - how to and why.


1) Alternative to toothpaste!

2) Oral Hygiene Updated (oil pulling and tongue scraping)


1) No Soap! How and why? (+ info on DRY SKIN BRUSHING and some bonus deodorant recipes!)

2) LUXURIOUS Natural body scrub - no soap


No Toilet paper - How and why I don't use toilet paper


1) Feminine Hygiene - Alternative to destroying the world one pad at a time?(simplistic menstrual pads)

2) SO EASY cloth menstrual pads: sophisticated version

3) Make a wet/dry bag to carry your menstrual pads when you're out. One side for the clean ones, one side for the dirty ones.

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