Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Dry "shampoo" for no-pooers!

Hi everybody!

Why Natural Dry "shampoo"

I can't believe I waited 11 and 1/2 months before making and trying out dry shampoo! For some reason I was convinced it was too much hard work to find arrowroot powder and I had absolutely no idea it would make my hair look so good and so clean! What a shocker! Seriously my hair looked just so clean. I asked my husband "look at my hair, what do you think?" not telling him what I had done (used dry shampoo) he said "It just looks clean. Actually it looks really clean. What have you done?" And it's true, my hair looked so good! I now use it every week, to help my hair go an extra 2 to 3 days without washing it.

Arrowroot powder: where to find it? and what is it?

All it is is arrowroot powder. Which, funnily enough, I simply stumbled upon when buying bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) at my local supermarket. It was right next to it in the baking section of the shop. I had to buy it so I could finally try the dry shampoo as well as make my own make up. And I just thought of how silly I was because it was right there the whole time but I was just too lazy to think and search, and plus you can buy it online so easily too... So if you are no-poo and want to help you're hair go the extra 'mile' then get some arrowroot powder! I was also really surprised to find out that arrowroot powder is tapioca starch, so if you have tapioca starch then you have the correct ingredient.


Arrowroot is white, so if you have dark hair then you'll want to add some pure cocoa powder, cinnamon or other darker, natural powders. I'm not sure though because it is a very fine powder that might just blend in fine by itself. I usually add some cocoa powder and mixed spice to it, which works great and smells awesome but I have also used it by itself, just the arrowroot powder and it means I have to comb it through a bit longer and sometimes "massage" it into my hair to help it "disappear". Options: mix with pure cocoa powder or ground cinnamon (or all spice for a gold touch) until it's an adequate colour (it won't be exact but it will not be a problem at all).

So I took a little glass jar with a lid, and put a couple teaspoons of arrowroot powder and added some cocoa and all spice (I don't have anymore cinnamon) until I was happy with the colour. Remember you want the main ingredient to be arrowroot so don't drown it in cocoa.(I only made a little bit and it lasted ages plus you can always make some more later, I prefer small quantities so the stuff stays fresh,) If you have very dark or black hair you should also try this before thinking you can't get the right colour. I can't get the exact colour for my hair but once I've comber it though it 'disappears', so try it before finding an alternative.

Application of the dry shampoo

You'll need to use a blush brush, old or new. The one I use, I've had for years and use it so rarely, so it has become my dry shampoo applicator brush :) cool. This will take you about 5 minutes. Here are some over-explanations but if you don't get it just leave a comment with your question and I'll get back to you.

1) I start by combing my hair all the way through.

2) I make a parting on the far left of my head.

3) I take my brush, dip it in the pot, shake a bit off over the pot and then apply along the parting.

4) I make a parting about 5 cm up from the previous one and apply some more powder, then carry on separating my hair and applying the powder, until my roots are covered.

5)Then I comb through all my hair again.

6) Then I apply some powder along my hairline and comb again. If there's a bit much and it's visible on my forehead then I just rub it off with my fingers.

7) Hair should look awesome now but: If my hair was really oily and it doesn't look awesome yet I dab some on the rest of my hair and carry on combing through until it looks awesome all over.

8) Blush your face with it too! It's also a wonderful natural blush powder, so get rid of your chemical filled blush, and never spend a fortune on it again! Yummy cocoa smells all over hmmm... :)

ATTENTION: This will give volume to your hair and make it look GORGEOUS!

I hope you enjoyed this post and learned what you needed, please leave a comment with more information on how you do it, or some more tips - maybe for black hair? Or any questions you have. Cheers! Also if you want to know how I incorporate it into my no-poo routine, then check my 1 year no shampoo update!

Peace x


  1. Well that was interesting. I always have arrowroot on hand ... it's a healthier option to cornstarch in cooking. But I've never heard of using it as a dry shampoo. I'm definitely going to try it out! Thank you! :-)

    1. Hi, I'm so glad you found this post interesting! Yes definitely try it, it works really well. (by the way this is the first comment I received on my blog! woohoo) ;)