Tuesday, 3 February 2015

The super easy Hankie-Pouch

Hey again!

Let's make a hankie-pouch so you can carry your hankies and wipes in your bag without them getting dirty, to keep them clean for your lovely little nose or your lovely baby's bottom! :)


step 1) grab some squares! I had these 2 bits of scrap fabric which are the same size as my hankies! I advise making your squares the same size as your hankies if it's not already the case 'cos it worked perfectly for me.
step 2) put them together inside out and sew 3 edges.

2 a
2 b

Then turn back the right way
2 c

step 3) Now take another piece of scrap fabric, this time cut the size of it, so as to have the diagonal just a little bit longer than the top of the pouch, like in photo 3b:

3 a
3 b

step 4) Sew the triangle up, inside out. Make sure to leave 1 cm gap to turn it back out, then turn it out and sew the remaining 1 cm up

4 a
4 b
step 5) Sew the triangle onto the back of the pouch, chose which is the back and sew it on. DO NOT SEW IT ON THE WHOLE TOP of there will be no pouch left... be careful to only sew it on one side.
5 a

This is what you have now, viewed from the back
5 b

step 6) Now make a seam/hem on the front of the pouch

6 a
6 b

step 7) Grab your snaps and sew them on. I sew them on by hand but I've heard there are other ways, so which ever way you prefer, just make sure you line them up correctly and that they are well and strongly attached to the fabric.

7 a

7 b
AND THERE YOU HAVE IT ! Now go and get your super hankies or super wipes! and put them in there!



I hope you enjoyed this tutorial or learnt something new!

Peace x

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