Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Hankies - Baby wipes - Face cloth etc.

Hello and welcome to this new month!

I wanted to add a new change this month to make my life more eco. As you might have read I don't use toilet paper and I don't use store bought menstrual pads. So it was hypocritical of me to still blow my nose in paper tissues and use paper wet wipes (although I haven't used wet wipes in ages, I just use a wet flannel for kids)! I bought some hankies a long time ago and tried using them but I just didn't like the fabric, it would wet through and I just found it too eww to use.

Change the World Wednesday!

This morning though, I really wanted to find something to work on and join the Change the World Wednesday (There is a general theme for the month and each week a new challenge to support it). I didn't particularly connect with the current theme but decided that tissues were something that I personally really NEEDED to get rid of. So I looked through my fabric organiser and found some muslin. I had bought 2 Muslin 45cm squares for £1 in poundland in December, just because I thought it might be useful. And this is what I made with them today:

TUTORIAL for muslin hankies/baby wipes/face cloth... (they're also good for light exfoliating)

45 cm square of muslin x2
these are 100% cotton

1) Start by laying your 100% cotton, muslin fabric on a flat surface
2) Put them on top of each other so you can cut through both at the same time and save yourself a couple minutes.
3) Cut through vertically then horizontally and make 4 pieces.

Cut 1
Cut 2

 4) You should have 8 pieces (if you put them on top of each other before cutting like I did)

8 bits of muslin
5) You could stop right now and you have a stack of 8 awesome hankies/wipes.To use them on baby's bum, just soak them in warm/cool water and use as is. After using them as wipes or hankies, wash them in the bathroom sink in warm water and soap then hang them up to dry. They dry very quickly because the fabric is so thin. And yet they are very absorbent too when in use. If you want to carry on and make them a bit more 'professional' you can sew the edges as to not risk fraying.

pin and sew

6) Double fold the edges, pin down, and sew (by hand or sewing machine)

Finished result

so easy to wash and dry, machine wash after a couple uses

7) FINISHED! (Muslin is great for embroidery, so if you feel like it you could embroider yours to make them extra pretty!)

It's also so easy to carry them around in your bag. You can wash your hankies and wipes in any public bathroom and even dry them using the automatic hand dryer. They dry so quickly! Then pop them back into your bag or pocket and you have a fresh hankie!

Hope you liked this tutorial, let me know in the comments. A lot of people have already switched, have you? What fabric did you use for yours? I'm so happy to have finally made these!

PS: Check out this super easy HANKIE-POUCH to carry your hankies in! And the WET/DRY BAG to carry the nasty, dirty ones if you couldn't find anywhere to wash them. You don't want them getting messy with your keys or your mobile phone, jumping around your handbag!! So make one of these little pouches and pop them in your bag! Also see my post on how to make the most of your hankie so you don't waste any inch of it!

Lots of peace and love!


  1. Excellent idea! I've been a "holdout" on hankies, too, because they seem to get wet, stay wet, and yeah ... the eww factor! Not only that, once they are wet, they hurt! When I have a cold, the last thing my nose needs is more hurt. :-) These muslin hankies would be great. Thanks for the idea and the tutorial. Oh ... by the way ... CTWW is still weekly, we just have monthly themes. Each week, the challenge will support the theme ... hopefully in a creative way! :-)

    1. Hi, I'm so happy you like the idea and good luck getting into this, it's a tough one but so worth it! I blow my nose a lot... so I really had to make the switch! =D
      Sorry for the miss-info about CTWW, I'll change that right away.
      blog soon x