Thursday, 1 January 2015

Luxurious NATURAL Body Scrub

Hey guys!

My latest post was on NOT using soap (except on hands) if you wanna read that again then be my guest, here.

OK, so in that post I mentioned that I don't use soap on my body (it's now been 18 days) but that I do something called dry body brushing which is, as the name indicates, to brush one's body whilst dry (before showering) with a natural body brush. As well as exfoliating and getting rid of dead skin cells, it rejuvenates the skin, cleans the skin and even stimulates your lymphatic system giving you a good boost! Awesome!! I also mentioned that privates and all hairy areas must be scrubbed very well until clean and no smell remains. I also incorporated a natural deodorant recipe if needed although I haven't needed any.

A quick note: I washed my privates and feet once with my 'All purpose wash' (1 tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda/baking soda and 1 cup of water, all mixed into a squeezy bottle. This is my shampoo and my toothpaste too) I just used a bit, as needed.

So I thought I would make a lovely body scrub, for those days when I want to pamper myself because my bathroom routine doesn't include ANY chemicals, which means NO bought products because everything includes nasty crap in their ingredients! Over the Xmas period, I made 5 different body scrubs for 5 different people so after experimenting with rather simple made up recipes I've come up with a Luxurious Version.

Sugar or Salt, mixed with any oil. Sugar will give a coarser feel and salt will have a finer feel. Regarding oils, I've used coconut oil, which will harden in the tub and make a creamy scrub. Olive oil was great, the scrub had a honey-like texture and I even used basic vegetable oils (such as organic sunflower oil) which was similar to the olive oil scrub without the smell (I do like the smell of olive oil, but I am aware that it's not everyone's fave) The body scrub I like to make on a regular basis for the regular pampering is a mixture of organic sunflower oil, brown sugar and a few drops of an essential oil for scent.

You can choose to mix oils up and get a good texture that you like. You can also mix sugar and salt if you want it thicker.
Other ingredients you can add for smell and softness left on the skin such as honey, dry chamomile, dry lavender, essential oils, and anything else you want. I even added some bentonite clay and bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) to leave my body clean and fresh.

Recipe to my personal Luxurious Sugar body Scrub

-1/2 teaspoon of roasted, crushed Black Seeds (kalonji)
-1 opened teabag of chamomile, lavender and rose tea (put the dry herbs in the mixture)
-5 teaspoons of bicarb (baking soda)
-10 teaspoons of brown sugar (cassonade)
-1 teaspoon of bentonite clay
-1 teaspoon of ground all spice (or ground cinnamon)

-2 tablespoons of softened or melted coconut oil
-2 teaspoon of extra, virgin, olive oil
-3 drops of lavender essential oil.

Mix all together then pour into a tub, label and place in your bathroom.

Stand in your shower, (first do your dry body brushing, if you do that) then get a lump of the body scrub in your hand and melt it between your fingers (the coconut oil has hardened the scrub but it melts very quickly in your hot fingers) apply the body scrub on your DRY body with circular motions and scrub yourself basically, avoid sensitive areas (I apply it on my legs, arms, back and armpits). I think it's too harsh for the face and the front of my body. I haven't used anything but water on my face for a long time now. Once you're covered in it, turn your shower on and start rinsing. Your skin will be so soft and silky! Enjoy!

WARNING: YOUR BATH/SHOWER WILL BE VERY SLIPPY AFTERWARDS SO RINSE IT WELL!!! or the next person might fall and hurt themselves!!!

let me know how it went for you :)
love J xxx

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