Thursday, 1 January 2015



here is a list of what you MUST have in your home in order to make your own recipes and to live without chemicals.


-Bicarbonate of soda (american: baking soda)
-Coconut Oil

You can make almost anything with just these 3 ingredients and WATER (such as; shampoo, soap, toothpaste, deodorant, hair conditioner, cloth de-stainer, kitchen and bathroom cleaning products)

GREAT TO HAVE AS WELL (affordable extras if you can make the effort)

My Lab/shelf ... hehe
-apple cider vinegar
-essential oils (at least TEA TREE)
-hydrogen peroxide
-all herbs and spices

-arrowroot powder
-pure cocoa powder

(with these ingredients you can enhance your hair conditioner and cleaning products as well as make some dry shampoo, natural make-up and hair dyes)

AWESOME EXTRAS (if you can afford them!)

-black seeds (other names: nigella sativa and kalunji)
-black seed oil
-shea butter and/or cocoa butter (I love shea butter)
-clay (bentonite or rassoul)

-argan oil
-hemp seeds

(with these ingredients, you can make immune-system boost drinks, moisturisers, face and hair masks and enhance your oral health.)

Can you think of any others we can add to the list?

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