Sunday, 13 August 2017

3 and a half years without using shampoo or conditioner

Hello my people,

Long time no see! I have no idea when the last time I wrote was but I have so much to say... As usual the topic that really brings me back is my hair. What a surprise!

I didn't have access to my laptop or any computer for that matter is such a long time, also my life got quite messy and I went pretty far off track and lost sight of my goals. Anyway! I'm back now, or trying to slowly come back to myself.

Three and a half years ago I decided, for several reasons, to stop using shampoo. One of my goals back then was to try and see if I could live happily without all the modern comodities and the 'necessities' or town life. I wanted to be able to live - if needed - in a forest with nothing but what nature had to offer. My first step was to reinitialise my hygiene and relearn how to be a natural human being. It was one of the most insightful and life changing moments of my life, and from that day, I went down a path of discovery and rebirthing. I got to find out what my body needed and wanted and how to listen to it and understand it. There were no longer foreign products coming in the way of my body communicating with me. I could philosophise and ponder the amazing mysteries of the universe or I could simply get on with my Hair post! hahah

So here it is folks, I haven't used shampoo or any non-natural products in my hair for about 3 and half years now. You can read my 1st year's journey on the blog, I wrote several updates throughout my first year. All I need to say here is that I use Shikakai powder. I wash my hair with shikakai powder every 5 to 7 days and wash with water only in between if needed.

Here is my hair washing timetable;

Day 1 - wash hair (mix 2 table spoons of shikakai powder with warm water, blend well with fingers - pour on head - massage roots and crown - leave on for a few minutes while i have my shower - then rinse off thoroughly, making sure all the shikakai powder is out of hair - rinse and rinse again until you are sure!! or else hair will be dry and ugly erg) Comb well when dry. Hair looks amazing, feels great, fresh and light, smells delicious, is soft and shiny.

Day 2 - Hair is still soft and shiny, light and fresh, and still smells great.

Day 3 - Hair is still as above, but towards the end of the day some natural oils start to flow through. Either tonight or tomorrow morning do a water wash. (Rinse hair thoroughly under running warm water, massage roots and crown of head. comb well when dry)

Day 4 - Hair is well refreshed after the water wash and smells great again, no oil is visible and hair feels and looks and IS clean and beautiful!

Day 5 - Hair is still as above. A water wash will make my hair great for at least 2 whole days. At the end of the day or the next morning, my hair will either need a water wash if its the weekend or I'll start the routine again from today if I'm back at work with the shikakai powder wash.

It's so simple to have naturally beautiful looking hair. You can find more info on the shikakai powder on my water-only update where I mention and explain why instead of going fully water only, I have decided to use shikakai powder. Enjoy, and be inspired!! <3

Loads of love, Jo xxx

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