Thursday, 26 March 2015

WATER ONLY hair care (3 lessons)

Hi guys!

Big Question: How do you care for your hair when on a water-only hair "diet"?

Well... I've been doing this for 2 months now so I have a little insight but not yet a full life experience of it! But let's talk about my experience so far. First of all I published a post yesterday with the FULL description of my weening off the traditional "no-poo" (baking soda washes) into water-only, which took 30 days. You can read it right here. The transition was not as radical as my weening off store-bought shampoo and conditioner, but it did have its ups and down anyway (you can read my original transition into no-poo; my first 6 weeks without shampoo: right here).

Half way through those 2 months of Water-only, I decided I wanted to lighten my hair (using a mix of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide: natural hair lightening tutorial coming up) and this threw me off the water-only path and I had to start all over again, almost a whole transition again.

Lesson number 1: If you use a product, even a natural product, even only once, it will throw you off and you'll have to start all over again. Once your hair goes natural, it expects to stay natural and starts hating anything else. So if you wanna do anything less natural than water, that's completely fine but be prepared to go through another detox period after it.

Daily Hair Care:

I comb my hair every morning and every evening for a few minutes. This serves to detangle the hair as well as remove dust and dirt that might be there, and also spreading the natural sebum (hair oils) onto the rest of the hair so that it doesn't just stay at the roots.

Then after combing, I sometimes wet my roots lightly with water to freshen them up then towel dry, and comb again. I do this very rarely, only if my hair is not dirty yet but I've been out the night before and my hair smells of cigarettes or if I've been active and my head got sweaty. In that case I'll wet the top of my head just lightly and quickly put my head under the shower head, so that my hair is only slightly wet but not soaked. After my shower I will towel dry my hair and this will remove all smells and make my hair fresh again. Comb it when it's dry.

Lesson number 2: If hair is still clean but needs a freshen up then a little bit of water and towel drying + combing is largely enough.

Weekly hair wash: 

Once a week, or even every one and a half weeks, I will wash my hair. To do this I stand under the warm water in the shower and massage my hair thoroughly with my finger tips - not nails - then wash my ends. Then I towel dry my hair and comb it once it is completely dry. I massage my head and roots often to keep the sebum flowing through and to keep my roots healthy in order to grow long, strong hair.

Lesson number 3: When hair is natural, it is more resistant and self cleansing, which means much less purpose cleaning is in order. A full water-wash is only really necessary once a week or every 1 and 1/2 weeks. This is great! Saves time, water, money, energy and makes hair care so much easier. You might think your hair would be more greasy or oily but truthfully, once you have detoxed your hair and it is fully natural again, you will see that it just doesn't produce as much oil as before because it learns to regulate itself and is not interrupted / confused by the chemicals.

CONCLUSION: I love water-only washing. My hair grows so fast, is beautiful, smells fresh, feels lovely and is completely natural! I'm so happy I took this next step. It might seem like not much but going through those transitions isn't always easy, so achieving the desired goal and result really feels good. I'm so happy I have managed to sacrifice my wasteful pampering for the sake of my beautiful Earth. Thank you!! and I love YOU!

Hope you learned something, please share your experience with us!
Lots Of Love xxxxx


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