Thursday, 30 January 2014

No toilet paper! That's right, I don't use toilet paper!


How? (the reasons are later, keep reading)

When I became religious, years ago, I learned a whole new way of washing myself after going to the toilet.

To be ritually pure, one must not have any "pee or poo" remains on oneself or on one's clothes, and there is a washing technique which makes this eco-possible: water and left hand (plus a towel).

At first I was like "er... what?" But I tried it, and never went back to my old ways!

So you fill a little jug or bottle with water from your tap, and you put it next to you while you do your business, then you hold the jug in your right hand and start pouring on your privates (whilst still sitting), from the front or the back, I guess which ever is easiest for you. Then with your left hand you wash yourself (some also use soap but you don't have to do that every time; water is enough). What most people do, (including me before) is then wipe with toilet paper because you're all wet down there. then of course, wash your hands, with soap (EVERY time! Needless to say...)

Why and what's the "eco" twist?

So I did this for a couple years I guess, until I realized I was using so much toilet paper to dry myself and felt really guilty because that's REALLY bad for the environment, and plus toilet paper can get expensive! So I thought "OK girl, you have to find a solution!" And I decided I would do the same whole process (because I can't not wash myself anymore, I find disgusting to just wipe and carry on my day, knowing I'm not clean) but dry myself with a little towel or flannel afterwards instead of toilet paper. When I'm done I hang it on the radiator to dry and I usually use the same towel for a week or two because your just wiping off water so it's not too dirty...

Genius right!? Well that's what I think anyway.

Extra info

Another thing... When you use this method, the toilet seat can get wet if you're not careful, this is where toilet paper is also useful but wasted, cos it's easy to just grab another piece of paper, wipe the seat, and flush... So the solution to this is to have a flannel that is used ONLY for the seat. Keep it on top of the toilet or stored near by somewhere where it can't be confused with a hand towel for example. Then when you're done on the toilet, grab it, wipe the seat and put it back (it's just water, and usually only a few drops, so the towel shouldn't be very wet.) Don't forget to wash it now and then though!

Save on the flush too

One last great environmental benefit is that if you have only done a number 1 then you don't even need to flush because there's nothing in the loo (if you drink enough water that is, otherwise it'll be smelly and yellow...)

So here we are... The solution to no toilet paper (and saving on the flush!). Anyone else do this? Anyone ever thought of it? Anyone wondering how they can eliminate toilet paper? Anyone think this is weird or disgusting?

That's it.

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